Common Marketing Mistakes

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Branding. We’re done with that word. Instead, focus your efforts on expressing your identity fully and freely. Concentrate on transferring your passion to others. Make what you sell a natural extension of your personality. It won’t feel or look like branding, and as such, people will buy it. When was the last time you updated your brand identity?

Marketing is often seen as a stressful, out of control, chaotic sort of aspect to business. I believe this is due to most people not fully understanding the concept of marketing and where to locate great resources to help them. If you understand your marketing concept and have access to the right resources for help, marketing is really not that bad. Below are some of the most common mistakes made in marketing for you to avoid in the future.

  • Using adjectives on your website. Adjectives are pretty useless when you think about it, they are statements of what you “hope” to do, what you “hope” to accomplish. Rather, try providing testimonials proving that you have accomplished several things as well as helped several hundred people with their needs.
  • Putting all the spotlight on customers. Customers are good yes, but what you should be concentrating on is your FANS. These are the people that are die hard customers coming into your business all the time for years and years, the kind of people that spread the word about your company like wild fire!

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