photo credit: saebaryo

It isn’t worth getting upset about. And perhaps if something comes at you repeatedly from numerous people their may be some truth to it and maybe you need to change as well. Welcome all commentary. Don’t let the negabots get you down and remember no matter what, you are you at the end of every day.

If you have a working website for your company, you no doubt have some sort of a comment or feedback page. In addition to this, you have most likely encountered a negative comment at least once. While it could have been something that was honestly wrong with your website, this could also be the result of a “negabot”…this is the type of person who will complain in the middle of summer because it’s only 75 degrees instead of 80 degrees.

So what do you do with these negabots? Well RiseToTheTop suggests using the killing them with kindness theory, and I would have to agree. I’ve used this one in all aspects of work and personal life and it’s always seemed to work. When you get your next negative comment posted, simply respond to them by letting them know that you appreciate their feedback very much and that comments are always welcome and taken into consideration.

Yes you have to bite your tongue to keep from saying what you really want to say but you will get a great result, either they will thank you for your acknowledgment to their comment or that will be the last of their negativity that you see.