photo credit: John Althouse Cohen

When we attend meetings and seminars, many of us take along a notebook of some sort in order to jot down some notes to remember after the meeting or seminar. The problem with this is that many of us, when looking at our notes later on, can’t remember why we jotted most of them down or where that note was going in the lecture, the main point so to speak. So I have listed some ways to effectively take notes down that are sure to help you keep them together, so you can re-read them later with better understanding.

  • Always include some sort of topic title at the beginning of each new note. This will keep you from blurring them all together and getting them confused with something else.
  • Be selective on what you write down. Don’t write down everything word for word, select the key points to the meeting that you want to take away with you.
  • Keep it simple. While taking your notes don’t bother yourself at that time with proper spelling and grammar, this can always be fixed later on. As long as you know what your writing… that’s all that matters.