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Many business owners are getting on the Facebook train realizing it is a great way to achieve low cost social media marketing. However, some of them still don’t quite know the true full potential of Facebook and how they can use it to their companies advantage.

Companies can create a “business account only”, this is where you will list all of your companies information, companies blog, tips, advice and suggestions in your business niche. A place where your business can truly thrive without competing with other aspects of your life.

A company can also in turn create a special profile for personal use if they so choose to, this would be where they can put more personal information about themselves personally, photos that they can set privacy settings to secure them, and a personal blog all of their own separate from their company.

Duct Tape Marketing:

Personal Profile for Business and Fan Page for Business — when I started using Facebook my intent for strictly for business. (To my knowledge there are no pictures of me in hula skirts on my personal profile.) When Fan pages came along it became clear that this was also a great business tool so I added that as well. I think this approach of all business is fine way to take advantage of all that Facebook offers to those who choose to use this platform.

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