Teen T-Shirt Entrepreneur Meets Obama

CBS News has a great story about an entrepreneur who won $10,000 and met President Obama.

17-year-old Kalief Rollins got to the White House by spreading positive messages of hope and empowerment. He’s the future of America; He’s the promise of a new generation; He’s … the president of the Phree Country clothing company.

It all began 5 months ago, in his mother’s garage in Carson, Calif. Kalief and his brother Anthony started and still run a custom T-shirt business called Phree Kountry. What they lack in spelling, they make up for in message.

Their shirts are all about ending gang violence and empowering those kids to be something more.

“This one says, ‘Caution: Educated African American Male,'” Kalief said.

Anthony does the designs. Kalief does the sales. The only other employee is their mother, Shukriyah.

He won $10,000 in the National Young Entrepreneur Competition and a trip to meet the President. Kalief said they talked mostly about his company.

Photo by White House.

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