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photo credit: Noah Sussman

It’s not personal–it’s business. A mantra heard by business people through the years, but when it comes to our business websites, it’s more personal than business. Living online today is social, and that means personal. To attract customers and keep them, you need to think about the social touches that can give your website a way to connect and increase customer loyalty. Here are three ideas to get you started.

Entrepreneur.com suggests adding a video to your website. By including a video on your website whether its business to business or business to customer, it gives people a sense of personally knowing who they are about to do business with, it provides them with a face to put with a name and information regarding the company.

Launch a blog connected to your website, this is your best and number one way to connect with your audience. You can blog about various topics regarding your products and services and well as information regarding you as a business owner and how your company came to be. You can provide advice, suggestions and tips to your readers as well as them give you feedback regarding your company, website and articles that have been posted.