Patrick Matthews has an interesting look at work-at-home dads.

Working out of a home office can feel pretty solitary. With the kids at school and the wife out teaching, it’s just me, my computer and the dogs. So I take every opportunity I can to get out of the office.

I’m not complaining. On the contrary, I love it, and not just because of the time I get to spend with the kids. You see, I’ve discovered the big secret of suburban life: pocket communities. Every place has its own little community, its own social dynamics, its own rules.

You do not, for example, tell cute kid stories at the bus stop. The ladies there all have their own cute kids, and they’re not interested in hearing about yours.

It is acceptable, however, to complain about one’s spouse. It’s kind of like Vegas: What’s said at the bus stop stays at the bus stop.

Not that I ever would do such a thing, of course, but I could, and that’s a nice feeling.

Soccer practice is an entirely different world. No complaining there. It’s a place to talk sports, to listen to people tell stories about how amazing their kids are, to ooh and ahh and chuckle at what happens on the field. In short, it’s a fun place to visit, but I’m glad I don’t live there.

Photo by everaccess.