La Quinta Finding Franchising Success

Hotel Interactive, Inc.:

Eight years ago La Quinta was just another regional hotel company. Just one amongst a bevy of local players, each dominating one particular area, but was mostly unknown by the typical lodging consumer in other parts of the country.

Then the company radically altered its course, opening up franchising for the first time in its history. And they’ve never looked back since. Now La Quinta is a national player in the mid-tier without F&B sector.

It’s a cornerstone strategy that has allowed the company to proliferate growing radically in just a few years. In fact, they’ve thrived while brands such as Susse Chalet, Macintosh Inns and others have withered. Now the Blackstone owned brand is a mainstream player with a loyal customer base that’s appealing to both consumers and developers alike.

Part of the reason is the company’s laser focus on new construction and the company’s desire to continually make changes to enhance the look and feel of the brand.

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