Daily Record:

On the wish list at Weecycled Bundles of Joi in Ledgewood: Jog strollers, toddler/child car seats (5 years old or newer), furniture in excellent condition, and outdoor playsets.

On the store’s hot list: Tabletop changers, portable cribs and glider/rocking chairs.

The hot list grows every day, as does the wish list – a prime example of supply and demand. The growth is symbolic of the clothing, furniture, bedding, toys and other items shed by pint-sized consumers and teens whose development and taste are changing – almost by the hour.

“You can ask for the silliest thing, and it may be in the next day,” said Meredith Joi DeMarco of Landing, whose middle name supplies the Joi portion of children’s and maternity consignment shop’s name.

The specialty consignment shop, the brainchild of Meredith and her husband, Dan, caters to newborns through teens and maternity – demographics that are, well, growing. And, as evidenced by the store’s name, the DeMarcos abide by a green philosophy. Plastic bags? We don’t think so.

Daunted by piles of their own hardly used nearly new and brand-new merchandise, the mom-and-dad team approached the business from a personal angle.

The DeMarcos say the 4-month-old business has generated a “fantastic” response from the public, because of – rather, despite – the grim economy.

Logo from Weecycled Bundles of Joi

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