Advertising Online This Holiday Season

Dicken's Village on December 22
photo credit: kevindooley

Right now, the Internet accounts for one third of the typical media day for all U.S. adults. Consumers spend nearly four hours online daily according to a report from The Media Audit–that’s 32.5 percent of their media time compared to daily exposure to newspapers, radio, TV and outdoor advertising.

The holiday season is approaching us in a hurry, and it is more important this season than ever before to have a strong advertising campaign, especially online. So many people are shopping around, researching stores, products and prices that it is almost business suicide not to advertise online this season.

When you start looking for some advertising space on different websites, be sure to do your own research and ask many questions before you buy. Make sure that the site is somewhat related to your niche, and also make sure that they will place your ad appropriately throughout their site so that it gets the attention it deserves.

Be sure to target your local audience the most. Look into doing some advertising in the local newspaper on the editorial pages as well as getting into the local flyers that get sent out with the daily newspaper and the Sunday newspaper. People this holiday season will be grabbing up those flyers and sale notices like hot cakes.

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