Fremont Troll
photo credit: Roshan V

Just like in the fairy tale movies created by Disney, businesses also contain trolls that lurk under your bridges to other business adventures. These trolls can be seemingly harmless provided you don’t fall into their trap. However, if you slip and fall right into their hands, these trolls can prove to be quite detrimental to your business. So what types of trolls are we talking about here? Look below for the most common ones to avoid that I recently read about on Tim Berry’s

  • Patent Trolls. These are the ones that grab up every single meaningless patent they can get their dirty little hands on, and then they store it away in a dark cupboard somewhere just waiting for the chance to sick them on some poor unsuspecting business who doesn’t know any better.
  • Trade show trolls. These are by far the worst. They go trolling through trade shows looking for the weaker workers behind the booths, just to go up and start springing their ideas and business pitches on the poor worker who is stuck behind that small booth with no where to go, they are stuck standing there listening to their every word.
  • Social media trolls. These people make many of us sick. They are the ones who use social media sites to sell their unwanted items or services to people they don’t even know and people who didn’t even ask for such products or services to be sold to them. They think that just because you interact with them one time on Facebook or Twitter that that gives them the right to pursue you through such accounts and sell you on their items.