Scan Your Biz Cards On The Go

The biggest hassle with business cards is getting the contact information into your address book as fast as possible – that’s where Business Card Reader for the iPhone comes in, reports TechCrunch.

Business Card Reader scans and “reads” the picture using ABBYY’s text recognition technology and enters the data into the iPhone or iPod touch address book.

Basically, you open the application, and choose either to take a new picture of a business card, or if you’ve already taken a picture, you can upload that as well.

After you take a picture, or upload a picture, the application scans the business card, and after about 15 seconds, you get the address book field to edit the scanned information if there are errors.

Once that’s all done, it adds the new contact into your address book. It’s really that easy.

Photo by Shape Services.

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