Gamer Doc®, a retail video game store franchise delivering a new and interactive customer experience, has announced that it has launched several initiatives with Brier Creek Elementary School with the aim of making learning more fun. According to the information provided, owners Jim and Kim Hamilton have a designated Educational Games section in their store offering free play time incentives for good grades and are conducting a “Read for a Wii” contest.

Kim, an educator for 20 years, said that she and her husband, Jim, created these programs because “we believe that through the use of entertaining educational video games, students can enrich critical reading and math skills, and improve test scores. Students can rent, rather than buy, games from our Educational Games section, including Brain Quest, Learn Math, Word Play and Professor Layton.”

Additional programs include opportunities for students to earn “Cool Grades” and “Pay It Forward” coupons from their teachers, which gives them the opportunity to enjoy an hour of free play in the store’s Gaming Room, and a Gamer Doc wristband. The PTA is being supported through a 10% giveback on the net proceeds from all games that are purchased by Brier Creek Elementary School parents and students between Oct. 14 – Nov.18.