How To Stimulate The Economy Using Your Brain

MRI of my  brain after surgery for Oligodendroglioma tumor
photo credit: L_Family

With the current economic situation, many business owners are taking it upon themselves to publicly complain about how the stimulus money is being spent, complaining about how some companies are getting stimulus money when they don’t deserve it. All this is doing is wasting their time when they should be out there trying to stimulate the economy themselves. No one is going to do it for them.

When you stimulate the economy using your brain power rather than your constant complaining it shows everyone around you that you are above all of the pettiness, you are a strong willed business leader. So how do you stimulate the economy using your brain? Well Escape From Cubicle Nation suggests several different avenues to take such as mentoring another business that is in your same niche. Provide them with support, ideas, helpful suggestions and maybe a little investment to help them get back on their feet.

Think about others rather than just yourself. Try sending out emails to fellow business colleges talking up some businesses that you think are worth talking about and sending business their way. Maybe attend a meeting in your community, something along the lines of your Chamber of Commerce meetings to provide some input on how things can be better in the community.

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