How To Market With True Meaning

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photo credit: Tracy Hunter

Proof is In the Results. What’s the ROI for marketing with meaning? Ask Tara-Nicholle Nelson, an Oakland, Calif., real estate broker and founder and Chief Visionary of {RE}Think Real Estate. Nelson projects the $75,000 she invested in positioning herself as an expert–empowering women to buy their own homes–to yield $1 million in brokerage commissions, speaking engagements, content licensing deals and other revenue by 2010.

Because of the current economic situation today the way we market must change as the habits of buyers shift, so it’s necessary to change our marketing and advertising techniques as well. The new way of marketing is to market with true meaning. What does it mean to market with true meaning? stated recently that marketing with true meaning has a lot to do with adding value to the product or service you are selling. Adding value means you can show any client the true value, need and want of a particular product or service. You can’t paint such a picture for them as to show that they truly can’t live without this product or service, it will make their life simpler and more efficient.

The product has to be viewed by your customer as a solution rather than a product or service. One easy and affordable way to do solution marketing is by offering some sort of free sample. Free tends to get people interested right away, then as they are trying the sample product you use that opportunity to talk up the product as though it is their savior, their more efficient way of life, and that will bring in more customers than you think.

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