Slow Down And Boost Your Productivity

Time to move, again
photo credit: lepiaf.geo

An article was recently posted on Open Forum regarding how to boost your productivity in the work place by slowing down and taking more time for things that you have cut out of your day on purpose. It is stated that being busy is not always the best thing for your work load as well as the health of your mind and body.

Take lunch for example, many of us have either cut out a lunch break completely or we have cut down our lunch time in order to get more work done. The problem with this concept is that it actually creates more distraction for you as you’re hungry and cannot concentrate. It can lessen your cognitive functioning which includes your concentration, hand eye coordination, memory and ability to catch some vital mistakes that you may be making.

Get plenty of exercise. This is another one that people tend to do away with as they feel they are too busy for exercise at the moment. However, many studies have shown that those who exercise on a regular basis tend to feel healthier and ready to take on whatever challenge comes their way, it refreshes your body so it may function at its fullest.

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