Emirates Business 24/7:

When it comes to the fast food industry, the tried-and-tested methods of cheeseburgers and fries or pizza are usually the safest way of guaranteeing fast returns and quick profit. But the quest for a quick buck can often lead to lack of imagination, and as a result, ‘highstreet cuisine’ has become quite boring in recent times. So when Emirates Business heard about a trio’s quest to give the humble shawarma a makeover – yes, that’s pita bread filled with chicken or beef – we took notice. Step forward Wild Peeta, the newest food and beverage outlet on the block.

Located in Dubai Healthcare City, the restaurant is the brainchild of three Emirati brothers: Mohamed, Peyman and Marwan Parham Al Awadhi who came up with the concept of creating fusion shawarmas nine years ago.

At the beginning of the month, Wild Peeta finally opened its doors to the public, following a lengthy promotional campaign, mainly carried out by the trio on social websites, such as Facebook and Twitter.

“We opened two weeks ago and, alhamdulilAllah, there are people visiting us from all over the UAE,” Mohamed Parham tells Emirates Business. “There are even people visiting us from the [GCC] region; those who have been following us on-line. Most importantly, we are getting repeat customers who are bringing friends. Carry on reading.