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Small Business Computing says quality legal advice and services are expensive.

But for small companies trying to navigate the minefields of setting up and running a business – especially for the first time – not getting legal advice can end up being even more expensive.

What does a cash-strapped small business have in the way of alternatives? One solution: mine the Web.

In the Small Business section of FindLaw Answers, you can post questions and get answers from other people, including lawyers on the site. FindLaw Answers has four small-business topics covering everything from business structures to trademark, copyright and patent issues, contracts, licensing, permits and labor issues.

Or try, part of a larger for-fee Web site with a roster of online experts in a variety of areas – including business law.

FindLaw offers legal forms services that can help small businesses incorporate or set up an LLC (Limited Liability Company). You fill out an online questionnaire. FindLaw partner creates and files the articles of incorporation with the appropriate Secretary of State and sends you the documents when they arrive. You follow a few simple steps to finalize the incorporation.

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