Who knew a doodle could make you a millionaire – and could land you on national TV? That’s what The New York Daily News asked.

It did just that for 18-year-old Rachel Segal, from Ashland, Oregon, inventor of something called “The Doodle Bra.” The high school student appeared on “The View” as part of a segment about teen millionaires.

The bra is made of white cotton and can be colored with erasable markers (ergo the “Doodle” name). The company provides non-toxic, washable markers and stencils, so you can wash your doodle clean after you’ve worn it.

So far, the senior has sold roughly 1,000 Doodle Bras, moved through an online business set up by the girl and her parents.

The contraption runs $9.99 and can be purchased from DoodleBra.com, which also markets other doodle-ready garments, from shoes to purses.

The idea for the bra came back in 2008, when Segal and her friends, looking to amuse themselves on a lazy summer day, began drawing on Segal’s only white bra with colored markers.

Segal plans to stick with the business even after she leaves for college next year.

Photo by Doodle Bra.