If the recovery stays on course, next year the retailers who survived the recession will begin to reap its benefits such as the market share and real estate coughed up by competitors who didn’t make it. It’s a dog-eat-dog world, reports TheAge.com.

Even so, some of the most important expansion strategies that will play out around the globe in 2010 are still highly germane to Australian retailers, particularly those with ambition to sell overseas:

1. Mobile commerce.

2. Increased investment in the internet channel, both for direct sales and also market-testing for future stores.

3. Taking over space vacated by former retailers.

4. Upgrading to high quality space because of vacancies at higher quality malls.

5. Secondary lines for designer brands will proliferate.

6. Own-store networks for wholesale brands.

7. The return of niche specialty concepts.

8. China and other emerging markets.

9. Infill/urban formats.

10. Factory outlets.

Photo by ba1969.