Entrepreneurs Adding Side Bizs

Harmony Kaiser has a salon, but has been spending her days off driving to a lab in Beaver County and making deliveries to retailers, reports The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Kaiser is ignoring the economic downturn and pouring her extra funds and time into launching new businesses on the side, even as she keeps her day job.

People typically start businesses on the side for a couple of reasons. Many want to get into business for themselves but can’t afford — at least immediately — to do it full-time. They still need a regular paycheck and benefits to support their families.

Kaiser doesn’t thinks it’s too much to ask for her Mothers Milc natural hair care line in environmentally friendly packaging to sell across the country. “I would like to see the company go national,” she said.

Kaiser runs Harmony Salon on Perry Highway in Pine and lives in South Park, but she also drives to Beaver Falls about once a month to a lab that helped develop the chemical-free Mothers Milc shampoo and conditioner.

Developing the right formula was a two-year process and required an investment of several thousand dollars plus most of the free time that she and her husband, Chris, could devote to it.

Photo by Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

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