Turn Over A Few More Rocks

TerryStarbucker had been thinking about looking under rocks for several weeks lately — I always worry about complacency, and it was a perfect analogy for me. Because there’s always a better way to do something — or a better way to analyze something — or present something. The minute we think we have it all figured out, all nailed down, and there’s nothing more left to change — that’s the EXACT time we need to think about mixing things up a little.

It’s about trying a new and different perspective — and realizing that you DON’T have all the answers.

Sometimes you need someone else to do the turning over for you. Getting a friend, or any objective third party, to tell you how you can do something better, takes a decent amount of courage, especially if you do not take to critique very well. We recently hired an outside firm at my company to take a look at some of our operations, and sure enough, they looked at some rocks we hadn’t looked under for several years — and found some things that we could change to make us better.

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