271/365 - Death Toll Rises to 100; Number of Displaced People Up To Over 450,000
photo credit: helgasms!


Try this: Ask your customers to write a review. Tell them it’s important before the holidays. Don’t give an incentive, just ask them to do it. They’ll do it!

In business we know that our customers and clients are the number one thing that will make us succeed. They will ultimately decide if we fail or make it in business. The decision they make depends on us a great deal, our products, services, customer service, hours of operation and prices to name a few factors that we have control over.

So if you find yourself not knowing what you should do, which step you should take next or what your customers want… ask your customers for their help! If they truly love your business and the products or services that it offers then they will want to see you succeed. It is like that timeless saying “you never know until you ask”. So don’t be afraid to ask them for their support and help.