Culinary Schools Cooking Up Sales Growth

According to The Los Angeles Times, the business of culinary schools is on the rebound after being hammered by the recession earlier this year.

The article cites several schools in the L.A. area that have experienced high sales growth due to people looking to save money by cooking for themselves, and the unemployed who are looking to try their hand at the food industry.

“People are taking advantage of the economic downturn and looking to change careers,” said Eric Crowley, who owns Chef Eric’s Culinary Classroom. By adding budget-friendly courses such as “Everyday Cooking for Families” and “One-Dish Meals,”

Crowley sold out of his 20-week professional chef program and 10-week professional baking program, enabling him to begin drawing a salary again after forgoing paychecks to cover business costs.

Photo by Chef Eric’s Culinary Classroom.

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