Getting More Referrals

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If you’re doing good work, have products that people enjoy, and provide a service and experience that exceeds expectation, chances are, your business is benefiting from word of mouth referrals. While this occasional lead generation windfall may be great, there are things you can do to shine a light on referral generation and generate significantly more referrals.

There are several different ways that you can generate more leads, and there is absolutely no reason why you cannot put more than one of these options into play at the same time in order to have double or triple the leads coming in at one time.

  • Try offering a 100% refund in return for your customers referrals. The general rule of thumb is that you offer them a 25% refund up to 100%. This almost acts as a game or competition for your customers, they will see it as something they want to do in order to basically get your product for free.
  • Offer the traditional buy one get one for free deal. Use this one especially if you have a new product that you are introducing.
  • Partner up with a non-profit organization. Most of these types of places generally really need support from their local businesses, and for this they normally have no problem offering up their referral services in exchange for your support.

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