6, Passionflower, blossom begins. Passiflora sbocciando
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When starting up your own business, you can always use all the help and resources that you can possibly get your hands on! Starting a business can be overwhelming and difficult at times, but it doesn’t have to be insane and next to impossible if you take advantage of the right resources available to you.

  • Startupnation is a great place to find discussion boards, community hubs, blogs and many different useful forums on starting up your own business.
  • Introduction to Venture Capital. This may be the greatest place for you to start in terms of obtaining some of your funding for your new start-up, especially if funding and the aspects of funding have you very confused, they offer many support lines that are easily understood.
  • LinkedIn is the best place to introduce you to the largest business social network ever!
  • Alltop Startups. This place is where you can find hundreds of articles, discussion boards and more all relating to the advice and opinions of many great business people on starting up your own business.
  • The Entrepreneur.com Startup Kits: Entrepreneur Magazine’s website has a gem for entrepreneurs: startup kits. There are kits for everything from starting a restaurant to a consulting firm, complete with articles, guides, marketing tips, and more.

Please visit Mashable.com for the full list of all 20 great resources that are sure to help you in your quest of starting your own business.

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