Lure Last Minute Shoppers With Your Coupons

photo credit: striatic

Many people are struggling this year due to the recession, most of which are planning on spending a lot less this holiday season then they have in the past, and most of them are also putting off their holiday shopping for as long as they can in hopes of save up a little more money to shop with.

Offering coupons whether they are in paper ads, online or direct mail is a great way to lure in your last minute thrifty shoppers. All coupons have an expiration date on them which means it will be hard for the shopper to resist using them knowing it will expire soon. Also, with most people wanting to save as much as they possibly can they will definitely want to take advantage of a coupon in addition to an already low sale price!

And keep in mind, it’s not too late to use off-line tactics to stimulate sales. Valpak, the nation’s largest marriage-mail provider, can mail your coupon along with others in its familiar blue envelope to households in targeted zip codes. Or you can direct-mail your own coupon to customers in a narrow geographic market area, such as a 10-mile radius surrounding your retail store.

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