Small Businesses Do Thrive In A Recession

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photo credit: ginnerobot

New York Times:

“The answers are very specific to the company’s circumstances,” said Ken Gaebler, chairman and chief executive of Gaebler Ventures, a business incubator and investment firm in Chicago. “A good entrepreneur knows which buttons need to be pressed to thrive in a tough situation and make it through to the other side.”/blockquote>

Over the past few years we have heard many stories regarding a huge number of small businesses that are struggling just to survive let alone make a decent profit especially during the past year. However, not all small businesses are doing this poorly. In a recent survey, about 30% of businesses reported that they are in fact doing great and have even increased their profits this past year.

This, of course, is based on several different factors as to why they are doing so well and increasing profits. Some have found that it has helped tremendously to expand their business over seas, while others have found that it is best to offer their customers more product for their money such as bulk food stores.

Many small businesses have also found it very helpful to simply have a great knock out product with an unbeatable marketing plan to work with. When you have a product that everyone truly needs and loves in order to make their lives easier, added to a great marketing plan for that product, it is almost a sure bet that you will do well.

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