Christmas Crafts Keep Mom Busy Year-Round

For some, decorating and shopping for the holidays is a chore, and for others the Christmas season is time to go all out. But for one Great Falls mom, spreading Christmas cheer pays the bills, through a two day craft show that makes Santa’s operation look like a part time hobby.

In this house, Christmas is a year-round business. Diana Urry, mother of nine, has turned the art of holiday crafts into a full time job, and this weekend is when it all pays off.

“I love Christmas, always have, and that’s why I started this; because I wanted to make more out of Christmas, wanted it to be more than just celebrating through December,” Diana explained.

So, for the seventh year in a row, Diana kicked her family out of the house, and transformed it into the “Cozy Christmas Boutique”- five rooms stuffed with thousands of items- hand-made by Diana and a few other local artists. It takes two weeks to set up, and another just to take it all down.

“It’s very stressful,” Diana said, “But, what makes it all worth it is when people walk in the door and see this wonderful atmosphere, and it’s wonderful to see how happy we make them.”

Photo by Marco Arment

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