no passing zone
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Many business owners come across several different business opportunities, sometimes more opportunity offers then they know what to do with. Often times they are not quite sure which ones to go for and which ones to say no to.

Bplans recently posted an article offering tips on which business plans you should never pass on:

  1. Never ever pass on any free publicity. This should be a no brainer for everyone, publicity can be very expensive, so if you have a chance to receive it for free you really need to jump on that chance immediately.
  2. Always take the opportunity to learn something new and useful. You can never have too many tools nor can you ever have too much useful information especially in the business world, the more you know the more power you have.
  3. Never turn away customer feedback. This is a very powerful tool for you and your business. Lets face it, your profits depend highly on your customers satisfaction, so the more feedback you can get the better off you will be.

And on a lighter side of the spectrum and a little humorous here are a couple extra moments that you never want to pass on.

Never say no when your own child asks: “will you play with me?” Never say no to a hostage taker. It’s in the manual.