When a group of artists, businesses and music teachers got together to put summer arts camps under one umbrella, the result was CASSA, the Calgary Arts Summer School Association.

“I wanted to develop a summer arts program because I had personally experienced musical studies at the Banff Centre for the Fine Arts as a piano student, and later on, was a piano coach at Musicamrose,” CASSA’s Cofounder Linda Kundert-Stoll said. “I had such memorable experiences that I wanted others to experience the same, so it is our philosophy that everyone can attend and not be held back due to finances, age or a lack of skills.”

The Calgary Arts Summer School Association (CASSA), both introduces individuals to the arts, and enhances the skills of those who are already involved in performing, literary or visual arts. Today, CASSA has 12 different programs for students aged four to adult.

“We create well-rounded personalities and above all, help keep children occupied and hence, out of trouble,” Stoll said. “We are a truly proactive charity -not a reactive one.”

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