Guitars Just For Girls And Women

Tish Ciravolo has founded the first company that makes guitars expressly for women and girls, reports USA Today.

Daisy Rock is still a small player in the roughly $1.6 billion market for “fretted instruments,” as measured by industry trade group NAMM. The company is private and doesn’t provide financials, but says it has sold 150,000 guitars since 2000 at an average price of about $200.

But the company is being closely watched by the guitar-making industry, which has long been thwarted trying to tap the elusive market for female guitarists.

Getting girls to rock out is Daisy Rock’s mission. It’s not as easy as it might sound. Despite efforts by the industry, guitar playing remains a largely male-dominated pursuit. Precise estimates are difficult to come by, but some guess that 90% of electric guitar players are guys.

A big reason for that, Ciravolo says, is that guitars have largely been designed for men by men.

Daisy Rock is best known for its line of guitars that look nothing like what most people are used to. Forget the chunky black axes with skulls used by long-haired death-metal headbangers.

Daisy Rock guitars are unabashedly and unapologetically feminine. The guitars come in nail-polish-like colors such as sparkly pink, purple and silver. Some are shaped like hearts, flowers, butterflies and stars.

There’s a Debutante line of Daisy Rock guitars for younger or beginning players. And the namesake Daisy Rock line includes professional-quality instruments owned by artists such as Avril Lavigne and Lisa Loeb.

Photo by USA TODAY.

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