Create And Sell Your Own Computer Games

UK-based YoYo Games lets you create computer games to earn a little extra cash, even if you don’t already have programming experience, reports trendspotter Springwise.

Users of YoYo’s site begin by downloading its Game Maker software for free. That lets them create professional-looking games without having to write a single line of code. Rather, using simple drag-and-drop actions, they can create games with backgrounds, sprites, animated graphics, music and sound effects; 3D capabilities are even available.

For USD 25, those who get really interested can upgrade to the software’s Pro Edition–which includes additional features and is free of logos and pop-up messages–but it’s not required.

Once they have a game they’re satisfied with, users can post it on the YoYo Games site for sharing with others–there are currently more than 25,000 such games available for the playing. They can also burn their game onto a CD for sale to others.

In fact, rumors suggest YoYo may also be working on a way to allow sales for iPhone and other mobile platforms.

Photo by YoYo Games.

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