Entrepreneur Danny Bamping has launched what he claims is “the greenest toy in the world”, reports The Herald.

The Carbon Cube, is claimed to be the toy with the lowest carbon footprint.

It is made “yards away” from the Crazee Thingz Company HQ in Plymouth, and will only be available on websites.

In 2010, the company is planning to offer all retailers a direct drop shipping postal service so the product goes directly to the buyer.

The Crazee Carbon Cube puzzle is made from 100 per cent recycled material and has 19,186 different solutions.

After moving production from China to Plymouth in 2007, earlier this year he rebranded his puzzles and outdoor games as Crazee Thingz.

He said: “It is a shame that well over 90per cent of the world’s toys are made in the Far East. Over time we intend to make more and more toys and games in Britain. The product only makes one journey and that’s direct to the customer.”

The toy has no packaging and is only available online.

Photo by crazeethings ltd.

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