Jake Gaecke over at Appletell has put together a selection of free iPhone apps that even a Grinch would love.

Ustream Live Broadcaster
Finally, the app we’ve been waiting to see from Ustream! Live Broadcaster allows you to stream video live from your iPhone to the internet in real time. The service integrates with tons of stuff online like Facebook, YouTube, and everyone’s favorite, Twitter. But the really exciting this is that this app works over both WiFi and 3G. Well, at least it’s supposed to. I’ve tried it over 3G with mixed results. Still, it’s obviously worth the download.

Dragon Dictation
Sick of typing with the iPhone’s software keyboard? No worries, now you can talk to your iPhone and have it transcribe your words into text for you. It easily does this and allows you to send it as an SMS or email, or just grab the text into the system clipboard. Remember, this is dictation software, you can speak the punctuation as you dictate for better transcription. I’m honestly blown away that this app can transcribe fairly well without any training at all. One of the best features of this app is that you can pretend you’re taking a phone call so you don’t look like a crazy person talking to a computer. This could be one of the most useful apps of the year, and you definitely have to download it now before they start charging for it.

They finally have more than a mobile webpage! The IMDb app is an excellent resource for movie, TV and celebrity information. It has trailers, photos, TV listings, movie showtimes, box office results, upcoming movies and much much more. This is a no-brainer download for movie lovers everywhere.

Just the sort of app you’ll need if you have a Joby Gorillapod. It gives you a number of features that the camera app doesn’t have, such as a timer, the ability to take numerous pictures after a single button press, a full screen shutter release, grid overlay, and a level. Actually, this app is pretty useful even if you don’t have a Gorillapod.

Happy Holidays!

Photo by IMDB.