We all get holiday newsletters, but The Star Tribune asks how many of those single-spaced, four-page epics do you actually read?

Wouldn’t it be easier if people used Twitter instead? With tweets limited to 140 characters, we’d have to keep it short and sweet. Here are some examples of what some holi-tweets might look like:

@NWflyboys: Wow. 2009 just flew by. So did MSP. Hoping for a GPS under tree. (Already have a laptop.) No direct messages, please. No time to reply.

@SeeYouAtChurch: If you only know what we’ve done for the year based on our annual newsletter, you’re not close enough for either of us to care more than this.

@SkolVikings: Jolly Old St. Brett has been kind to us this year. But really jealous of Twins and Gophers. We want a stadium, too. But all we get is coal.

@IOUaletter: Tom’s still happy in IT. I’ve retrained as an EMT. Timmy aced the SAT. Suzy’s in LUV. Her wedding will be in NYC. Don’t forget to RSVP.

Photo by bawaal.com.