Production Studio In A Kit

In June, Missouri doctor Stuart Hoover needed to create a Web video to market his new wellness center in Springfield. He had farmed out similar video projects in the past, at a cost of thousands of dollars and weeks of waiting. This time he took a chance on a $300 product called Instant Video Presenter, from St. Louis company ej4, reports CNNMoney.

He was sent a green screen to stand in front of and software that let him key in professional-looking images over that green screen. The recommended camera and lighting cost him an additional $200.

In just 30 minutes his first video appeared on his new Web site, It featured Hoover in front of a (simulated) bank of monitors in a television newsroom. “I couldn’t believe how simple and precise it was,” he recalls.

Ted Finch, president of Video Backstage in Austin, recommends IVP to his clients who need quick turnarounds. “Instead of spending nine grand with me, they just turn on their camcorder and press a button,” he says. “Projects that would have taken weeks now take minutes.”

Photo by ej4.

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