Pyxism is the newest of several 2×3 big payout matrixes sprouting up in online and offline network marketing. The compensation plan is extremely lucrative and the product is travel. We know that 53% of all internet revenue is made from travel. At an 8 Trillion dollar gross income, there is enormous opportunity to profit from the industry.

Pyxism’s owner and founder Lloyd C.Wilson, observed the problems that exist in other network marketing companies, and solved those problems. One of the main concerns was that when other boards split, people temporarily split away from their sponsor, affecting momentum and growth. Better marketers can actually pass their sponsor up. The others matrices also fill top to bottom and left to right so it is harder to cycle out, and no up line matching bonus.

Pyxism founder was frustrated with compensation plans that worked for the few and chewed up so many who were not masterful recruiters. He spent the last 12 years acquiring a profound understanding of a broad spectrum compensation plan. With his perspective, knowledge, and insight, he has designed a compensation plan that uses leverage and unique algorithms to produce tremendous wealth with a small one-time investment. He has developed and perfected a revolutionary 2×3 cycling matrix that never splits. In fact, the TRUE FOLLOW-ME MATRIX is light years ahead of the other companies out there. The upper matrix of the two-level 2×3 cycling matrix has a payout of $8,000, with an additional $1,000 to their sponsor and $1,000 to the sponsor’s sponsor. The sharing of the bonus encourages team building, and automatic re-entry into the upper matrix multiplies potential earnings. A member’s only requirement to qualify for commissions is to personally recruit 2 members to their business matrix.

Screenshot from Pyxism