Creative Mom Finds A Way To Work

Martha Pennington, 33, formerly of Tuscaloosa, was a full-time property manager known around the office for her shopping skills. Friends often asked her to shop and wrap gifts for them. When she left her job to be a stay-at-home mom, the requests kept pouring in. She was offered lunch for her trouble.

‘That wasn’t enough for my time,’ said Pennington. ‘So I started charging people.’

That’s how Les Concierge of Alabama was born.

Pennington’s client list grew from word of mouth and soon she was picking up dry cleaning and grocery shopping as well as hunting for anniversary and birthday gifts for people. She often wore her son, Christopher, in a sling while she worked. She moved to Georgia and plans to start a concierge service there.

‘It was the best experience,’ said Pennington. ‘I was still able to go out and be around other adults but at the same time have a great bond with my child.’

Photo by meddygarnet

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