Amazon Sells More Kindle Books Than Conventional Books

It had to happen eventually, and it’s not really a surprise, considering people don’t tend to shop online for books on Christmas Day but… it will be marked down in history, that’s for sure — Christmas Day 2009: the day digital books outsold their physical, paper counterparts,(At Amazon anyway), reports

It’s a misleading statistic, as I said: no one buys paper books online on Christmas Day — people do, however, log in with their new Kindles and buy some ebooks.The actual number worth paying heed to is the sheer volume of Kindles that were sold or gifted this year — a number that Amazon seems unwilling to divulge.

Estimates put their 2009 sales figures at over 500,00 units. Couple that with 390,000 books now available in the Kindle Store and you can see that this might be the beginning of the end for physical books. At the very least we may see a cut in the wholesale price of books.

Photo by Amazon.

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