Business Ideas from Twitter

@pdxWebDr: Business idea:, where people can upload photos and it layers a mustache on their lip. I slept about 3hrs last night.

@djenningspr: RT @heavensgame: You know what Twitter needs, an auto translate function 4 foreign lang tweets. A nice business 4 someone there

@chipmunc56: Business idea: Heated handlebars?RT @srobbin: Had my first winter bike ride today. Cold, but good…

@jasonmorio: seeing the movie 2012 spawned an awesome business idea….Doomsday Pods…personal gyroscopically-stabilized graphene escape orbs…w00t

@morecyn: @junnofaria Happy New Year! I think U will like this info. A g8t list of 26 New Business Ideas 4 2010

@plish: Ten ‘BreakOut!’ Business Ideas Of 2009

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