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Christy Jordan is a busy work-at-home mom, wife and blogger who has built a business she began as a hobby.

Her blog,, led to her selection as a “kitchenista” by Kraft Foods.

The “Velveeta it! Kitchenistas” shared daily tips and advice on “to help make dinnertime a success,” Jordan said.

“Not only does Christy have strong cooking skills and a passion for food, she is a valued resource for readers on all aspects of home and family life – making her a natural fit for the kitchenistas,” Angela Wiggins with Kraft said.

The promotion’s goal is “to arm people with ideas, tips and inspiration in the kitchen to mix up their weekly meal lineup with new recipes,” Wiggins said. “Velveeta is an ingredient that can easily work with many recipes.

“Velveeta asked five top ‘mom’ bloggers to team with them to bring even more mealtime ideas and helpful tips to their readers during their ‘Velveeta It!’ campaign,” Jordan said. “I was incredibly honored to be chosen.” Each kitchenista had a designated weekday theme. Jordan’s time was “Tasty Traditions Thursdays.” “I shared tips on preserving family mealtime traditions, something close to my heart,” she said.

Jordan’s blog receives more than 6 million page views each month. All her recipes are no-hassle meals for cooks of all skill levels.

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