Music Downloads Sing A New Tune, which began a test version for invited users on Dec. 22 and plans to open to the public in January, will allow users to download songs, which may be copied and shared – unencumbered, in other words, by digital rights management restrictions, reports The New York Times.

In return, instead of paying 99 cents a song as on iTunes, users must first watch a 15- to 30-second advertisement.

“It’s iTunes meets Hulu,” said Richard Nailling, chief executive of FreeAllMusic.

Two of the four major labels have signed with the service and will provide their full digital catalogs, said Mr. Nailling, who declined to name the labels. Six advertisers are on board for the site’s debut, he added, including Coca-Cola, Warner Brothers Television and

For each download users will select from about a dozen ads to view, and if, say, they choose Coca-Cola, then the company pays for that song in what the site calls a microsponsorship.

Photo by FreeAllMusic.

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