What is your business?

I teach a series of writing classes and workshops to moms who want to write down their stories of motherhood, before they forget. The classes are aimed at moms of all ages and stages, and are for moms who want to write just for themselves or for those who want to get published.

How did you get started?

After I published my first book, an anthology on motherhood called Between Interruptions, I started to get emails from other moms wanting to share their story or asking whether I was planning a sequel. It took a while, but I started to think maybe I should teach women how to tell their own stories. I hold my classes in a Kitsilano cafe, but I now also have instructors in other cities and teach online to women around the world.

What do you like best about owning your own business?

Not doing GST. But as a mom with two young kids—they’re five and eight years old – I appreciate the flexibility of working whenever and however I want. And I like that I can dream big and no one can stop me.

Screenshot from The Momior Project