Restaurant Lets Patrons Make Their Own Pancakes

For those in the mood for pancakes there’s now a restaurant in Portland, Oregon, that lets patrons create and cook their own pancakes, right at the table according to trendspotter Springwise.

Slappy Cakes is a full-service breakfast and lunch restaurant that features a variety of dishes made from fresh and organic ingredients. It chooses local and regional vendors whenever possible, as well as operating its own courtyard garden for herbs, vegetables and berries.

Most interesting of all, however, is that each table at Slappy Cakes features a built-in griddle. Patrons can choose from a variety of batter options–including buttermilk, pumpkin, vegan and gluten-free–and do the cooking themselves, right at their table.

Accompaniments such as nuts, berries and chocolate along with organic maple syrup can then be added to create the customized pancake concoction of one’s dreams. Batter costs USD 5 for an 8-oz. bottle; toppings are USD 1 each.

For those more interested in the “rest” part of the restaurant experience, meanwhile, pancakes can also be ordered from the kitchen.

There’s no doubt Burger King was onto something early when it came up with its famous “Have it Your Way” campaign more than 30 years ago. With the addition of a heaping helping of customer-made experience, however, there are no limits to the fresh and modern possibilities!

Photo by Slappy Cakes.

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