From Garage To Picture Studio


There’s a woman living the Town of Lakeside who has found a way to balance work and motherhood.

She snaps Christmas photos of a young family, helping preserve memories that will last a lifetime. Janelle Roe has been a photographer for the past 8 years. Her first studio was set—up in her living room. Then this past fall she built this studio in her garage.

“I had a dream to turn my one stall garage into a little studio and work from home and it came true.”

Janelle wanted to work from home for three very good reasons, her three children, 8—year old Noah, 6—year old Julia and 3—year old Bella.

“I love it. I feel really blessed that I was able to do it and I can have something so close to my home and be able to work from home but still separate.”

Janelle says while photography is her passion, motherhood is her most important job.

“I like the relationship that I have with each of my kids. They’re all different and really sweet and have these really special moments that I just get to share with them.”

Photo by Stevie-B

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