Backing Up Your Data

NeXTstation Turbo Color 33MHz
photo credit: blakespot

Most businesses surprisingly do not back up their data, which is strange for today’s technology and all of the many simple way’s that one can back up data. These businesses often feel that their system is so state of the art that a crash, hacker, etc can never happen to them so why back up their data? The problem is that no system is so state of the art that you will NEVER have a crash or NEVER have a hacker.

Today, I’d like to convince you to backup your data if you haven’t yet, and if you already have a backup system in place, I hope I can suggest some ways to make your backups even easier and more comprehensive. The hardest part about backing up a hard drive is choosing from the vast array of methods, hardware and software and then figuring out how to make everything work together properly. I recommend a 4-step approach.

This is where an external hard drive comes in really handy if you don’t already have one. This is a great way to insert a disc and back up everything right to the disk. Next, there are several programs out there available to you that will help you through the whole back up process as well as allow you to start your system from the back up in case you do have a computer crash one day.

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