“Going Big” And “Up-Sizing” Not Just For Fast Food Anymore


Marton Medina, President & Founder of the newly launched franchise opportunity HomeSweetHome® believes his company belongs somewhere at the top of that list.

At first glance, a maid service doesn’t look like a very flattering service to provide, but ask a dual-income household or an aging baby-boomer couple if they could use a maid service and their response could easily be—”We’d be thrilled!”

But maid service is not all that HomeSweetHome® provides. “Maid Service & More! â„¢ means that when a customer needs to freshen up their carpets, we’re there for them. When they need their windows cleaned, we’re there and when they need their dry cleaning and laundry delivered & picked-up, we’re there—all of this under one roof, the same warm & caring company you already feel comfortable welcoming into your own home to clean every other week,” Medina describes.

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