Happy 2010 ! photo credit: pfala With the new year comes new technology, marketing, advertising and yes…social media techniques. Look below for some great keys to this new years social media success.

  1. Start observing and researching more this new year. Start paying attention to what your customers are saying to your prospect customers, this information comes in handy for when your trying to figure out what new customers want and what your existing customers want.
  2. Content Marketing. This is by far one of the most important social media tools that you have online. This media can spread the word about you as well as your promotions like wild fire provided the content is relevant to where it is located.
  3. Don’t make the mistake of always asking for something in return. Show some good faith and give some of your content away for free. This will in turn create more trust as well as more customers as of course, every person loves to get stuff for free!

Earn It. Results will happen if you work the process. A company cannot come in and expect results immediately. It happens after months and years of giving to your customers and prospects. Posted recently on Junta42.com.