One of network marketing’s most successful experts and leaders, Craig Bryson has joined executives John Wright (President) and Joseph Watson (CTO) to create a new company Optini which is focused on user centric solutions which utilizes Kynetx ( technology. Optini’s Vu Platform makes direct selling easier and more efficient with permission-based web modules that let marketers tailor the web experience for downline distributors and customers. Integrating data from multiple sources, the Optini Vu Platform gives members a personal, relevant and anticipated experience that increases the satisfaction and efficiency of commerce in the multilevel marketing (MLM) industry.

Direct selling is a $26.9B industry in the U.S. according to the Direct Selling Association (DSA). In the U.S. alone there are more than 15.1M distributors/members—yet the greatest deterrent to new participants is the need to sell face-to-face, often by pitching to a finite group of family and friends (known as a “warm market”). Optini’s products and services allow network marketers to use an automated system that helps them quickly create a larger warm market by facilitating selling across any web site or web-enabled device. By leveraging the places people spend time online anyway (e.g., social networking sites, search engines, etc.), Optini’s Vu Platform reduces the need to sell face-to-face and diminishes the No. 1 reason people say “no” to joining an MLM.

“The Vu platform has the potential to revolutionize the MLM industry by opening the door for the thousands of people who have never considered direct selling before,” Bryson said.

Logo from Optini